Experience France - whether it's gallic charm or French flair, the country has everthing

We include a section about France on our Experience Switzerland Travel website for the obvious reason that it you are driving or taking the train to Switzerland, and aiming for Geneva, then clearly, you are only going to be able to do this by travelling for the majority of your journey through France - so why not make the most of your journey by enjoying what France has to offer, before arriving into Switzerland to start your holiday proper. 
Although for some clients, their primary interest is getting to their destination as quickly as possible, and it is certainly possible to set off from the Channel ports in France in the early hours and be in Switzerland in time for dinner, this does involve a lot of hard driving without much of a break except for the occasional coffee and unispiring service-station sandwich. If you have a longer time available, and are able to make the journey part of the holiday, then there are many wonderful places that you could stop en route to Switzerland.
If you are crossing the Channel through the Tunnel, and aiming for Geneva, then stops in Paris, or around Troyes or Dijon would give you a relaxing journey. However, if you are aiming for Basel or Zurich, popular stopping off points would include Reims, Nancy, Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse.
For those people considering a trip to Switzerland by train, as many of our clients do to avoid the hassle associated with flying, then the best routes go via Paris, where there is a change of station, thus giving travellers the ideal opportunity to break their journey in the French capital.
Why not make your journey to Switzerland a real part of your holiday by breaking your trip in France. Let us help you with the best information and advice to plan your route.
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