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Flight Booking FAQs

Flight Booking FAQs

Making a flight booking
Making a flight booking request on our website is easy. You need to select the departure airport, destination, travel dates and the number of passengers. You will then be offered a range of flights that match these criteria. If you wish, you can use the tool-bar on the left of the page to refine your choice of flight times, airlines etc. that best meet your needs. You then confirm your requirements by filling out the relevant information, and submit your request. Once the booking request is completed, you will receive your booking ID and, if we can confirm your reservation immediately, the airline reference number.
Using the right names as per passport 
Please note that the name and date of birth that you provide at the time of booking MUST match the exact information shown in your passport. If, for example, you are always known as John Smith, but your actual first name in your passport is William, and John is only your second Christian name, then any flight bookings that you make MUST be booked in the name of William Smith, otherwise you will be refused boarding at the airport. In most cases, changing the name on your booking and/or correcting the spelling of a name will entail cancelling your booking, and incurring cancelling charges up to the full cost of the ticket.
How do I know if my flight booking is confirmed?
Bookings are usually confirmed immediately but occasionally there can be a delay. This can be due to the requested rate no longer being available. If you do not receive your confirmation email within 24 hours of making a booking request, or an email informing you that we have been unable to confirm your booking, then please call our office, or use the Contact Us facility to check the status of your booking.
Will my booking automatically include baggage, and how much baggage can I check in for my flight?
Baggage policies for airlines have become very complicated, and you cannot always assume that your booking, even for some scheduled airlines will automatically include baggage. It is accepted practice that ‘no-frills’ airlines, such as Easyjet and Monarch charge extra for baggage. However, it is now normal for the lead-in fares for airlines such as KLM, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Swiss etc., NOT to include pre-booked hold baggage, and you will be expected to pay separately for any bags that you wish to check-in.
Baggage allowances and policies can vary depending on the airline you are flying with. Your confirmation email includes the baggage allowance and policies for the fare you have booked. If you need more specific information on baggage allowances and policies, or want to be certain of booking flight fares that include pre-booked luggage, please contact our office and we will advise you accordingly. 
 If you need more information on baggage allowances and policies for the airline that you have booked, then please call our office, or use the Contact Us facility on the website.
Are meals included with my flight booking?
As a general rule, the so-called ‘no frills’ airlines, such as Easyjet and Monarch charge extra for in-flight food and drink. However, you are allowed to purchase sandwiches and drinks from the shops once you have passed through Security and are in the air-side area, and you can take these on-board with you. On many short-haul scheduled flights, the airlines will still provide you with a sandwich and a soft-drink free of charge. However, BA have recently announced that they will no longer serve free refreshments on short-haul domestic and European flights, and it’s almost inevitable that other scheduled airlines will follow suit. Unless you are flying with ‘no-frills’ airlines, such as Norwegian or Westjet, where you can pre-book your in-flight meals, food and refreshments are provided by all airlines on long-haul flights.
What is the check in policy for my flight?
Check in policies can vary depending on the airline you are flying with. Your confirmation email will include information on the check in policy for the airline you have booked. We recommend you check-in online where this facility is allowed as some airline impose a fee for checking in at the airport and issuing boarding passes. Many scheduled airlines now offer you the option of selecting your seat(s) in advance through their website, but they do levy a charge for this. Alternatively, you will be automatically allocated a seat, and can change this for no fee, subject to availability, 24 hours prior to departure.
 If you need more information on the check-in arrangements for the airline that you have booked, then please call our office, or use the Contact Us facility on the website.
Can I cancel or change my flight booking?
When you purchase a flight please remember that, in addition to our terms and conditions, your booking will be subject to the terms and conditions of the airline you are booked with. 
Unless otherwise stated, the fares that are pulled-through to our website, are the cheapest fares available from the airline, and you should regard these as being non-refundable and non-changeable once they're booked. If you specifically need a fare that does give you additional flexibility, such as changing your return date, then please call our office, and a member of the team will be pleased to assist you with your booking requirements. 
Please note that it is NOT possible to change the name on your flight booking, and this MUST match your name exactly as it appears in your passport.
The airline changed my flight. What should I do?
If the airline has changed the time of your flight or any other detail, we will notify you by phone or email in order to provide you with all the information related to the change.
If you accept the changes to your flight and the change was communicated to you via email, all you have to do is follow the instructions contained in the notification. If you do not agree to the changes, you must contact us immediately. Please note, however, that airlines do reserve the right to change the timings of their flights and/or routings by up to 12 hours, and this still constitutes a ‘minor’ change to your booking, so you will not be entitled automatically to either compensation or to cancel your booking completely. However, we will advise you of the situation specific to your booking, when we advise you of the alteration to your arrangements.
When you make your booking, it is very important that you include a telephone number and valid email address so that we are able to notify you of any changes to your flight, and that you advise us if either of these change.
Why have you blocked funds on my credit card when I don’t have a confirmed booking?
We work with a range of suppliers and a number of different live booking systems, and we’re selling hotel rooms and flights all the time. Availability can therefore change at any moment, so it’s possible that one of the products in your shopping-basket sold out while your card was going through the approval process.
If the booking can’t be confirmed, then the booking transaction is automatically cancelled. However, the debit may have occurred on your account. If this happens, then we have to reverse the card debit manually. Even though we will reverse the transaction immediately, due to bank clearing procedures, it can take 7-10 working days for the funds to re-appear into your account. 
I want to buy additional services for my flight. How can I do it?
You can purchase additional services such as extra luggage or priority boarding by selecting them during the booking process.
If you want to purchase additional services after confirming your booking, then you will need to contact the office by phone or by using the Contact Us facility on the website, and we will advise you of the relevant procedures for your booking. Charges may apply for additional services.
What are the restrictions for unaccompanied minors?
You cannot use this website to book passengers under the age of 18 travelling on their own. If you wish to make a booking for an ‘unaccompanied minor’, then please call the office, and we can advise you accordingly, as the regulations regarding under 18s travelling on their own vary from airline to airline.
I am pregnant. Do I need to advise anyone of this before I travel?
If you are, or will be, more than 28 weeks pregnant at the time of travel, your airline or tour operator will normally require a medical certificate confirming your fitness to fly, before they allow you to travel. If you are more than 32 weeks pregnant at the time of travel, you may not be allowed to fly at all, except in emergency or special circumstances. Whatever stage of pregnancy you are at when you travel, we do recommend that you seek appropriate advice from your doctor before making a booking or travelling. It is also essential that you advise your travel insurance company of your situation, as they may impose additional conditions or restrictions to the policy that they provide. If you become pregnant after you have booked your holiday, it is again essential that you advise your travel insurance company as soon as possible of the change in your circumstances.
How can I make a booking for a person who requires special assistance?
Requests for special assistance can be added to the special assistance box during the booking process. If you need to add special assistance after you have completed your booking request, please call the office or use the Contact Us facility on the website. As the policies and services for passengers in need of special assistance vary depending on the airline and airport, please outline the nature of the assistance required, eg. whether you just require assistance by wheelchair/buggy to the aircraft doors, or whether you need full boarding assistance, and we will assist you accordingly with information through the office.
Is it possible to book multi-sector flights or flights operated by more than one airline?
The system is designed to offer you a simple flight booking tool, based on one departure point, and one arrival point, eg. Heathrow to Sydney, even though this flight will stop in a variety of airports en route, eg. Dubai, Singapore etc., dependent on the airline that you select. The system is not designed to allow you to break your journey and make stop-overs, so will only provide you with immediate connecting flights. If you do require a more complicated itinerary, including stop-overs, then please call us at the office and we will happily tailor-make a quotation for you. The system will only combine airlines, where there is a formal code-sharing agreement in place between the airlines, such as between Emirates and Qantas, where you might travel on a flight combination with Emirates flight numbers (EK) throughout, even though one or other of the flights may be operated by the other airline. Again, if you wish to book a complicated itinerary that includes using a variety of different airlines, then please call the office, or use the Contact Us facility on the website, and we will prepare a personalised itinerary quotation for you.
Is my flight booking ‘financially-protected’?
All flights offered through our website are provided by flight consolidators or suppliers, who are ABTA members, and comply with their bonding requirements for financial protection purposes. These companies also comply with the Civil Aviation Authorities’ ATOL-scheme, and in most cases, automatically add an Airline Failure Protection Insurance premium to your booking. As ABTA members ourselves, we act as agents on their behalf, and collect funds accordingly. This means that any flight booking made by you using this system is financially-protected by schemes operated by ABTA, and which comply with all current legislation. 
Can I add other services to my flight booking?
As you go through the booking process, you will be offered the opportunity to book other services, such as Airport hotels and car parking in the UK prior to your departure, car rental at your arrival point, attraction tickets etc. 
For compliance purposes, if you wish to book accommodation for some/all of the period that you are travelling, then please use the Flight + Hotel function.
Must I pay in full at the time of booking, or can I only pay a deposit?
All the flights that are bookable through this system are offered on the basis that they are paid for in full at the time of booking. As you are committed to the full cost, it is essential that you have adequate travel insurance in place, which will provide you with cover should you be forced to cancel your booking.
Methods of payment and card charges
You can pay for any arrangements that you book through this website by debit card issued by any UK bank. If you opt to pay by Visa or MasterCard credit cards a surcharge fee of 2% will automatically be added to the cost of your booking. Transactions paid for by American Express charge or credit card attract a surcharge of 3.5%.
Who am I contracted with?
As noted above, we only offer flights through this system that are booked through respected flight-brokers, and tour operators who are ABTA members. We act as agent on behalf of these operators, and your ultimate contract is with them. A full copy of the relevant operator’s Booking Conditions are available on request prior to booking.

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